Tol Dagor

Alliance: 115 – 120
Horde: 120

You can find the Tol Dagor entrance within Tol Dagor, Kul Tiras.

The coordinates are (38.5,69.1)

This dungeon is located on Tol Dagor, an island on its own to the right of Tiragarde Sound.


Clear all mobs on this floor as boss 2 will run around & aggro when he opens cages.

Player hop in Heavy Cannons & fire at groups of mobs (does high damage & knocks back). Careful of friendly fire, try to only hit enemies.


1. The Sand Queen

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid standing in sand mounds on floor. Move away for ‘Upheaval’ as knocks targeted player into air & all nearby. ‘Sandstorm’ does damage & pushes you around. At 30% boss enrages.

Heroic Differences: Buzzing Drone adds spawn, do not let them die near boss otherwise she gains 5% enrage, this stacks.

2. Jes Howlis

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Interrupt ‘Howling Fear’. Hide behind a pillar when casts ‘Flashing Daggers’. At 50% he will run around room & release prisoners, tank gain threat of them quickly. Interrupt ‘Motivating Cry’ as this increases damage done & stacks.

Heroic Differences: Bobby Howlis is released & both his attacks can be interrupted. ‘Vicious Mauling’ damages & pins a player to ground + ‘Howling Fear’ fears players.

3. Knight Captain Valyri

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i ‘Ignition’ erupts under player & ‘Cinderflame’ is a frontal flame cone. Players pick up barrels & take them to a safe spot away from fire. Players with ‘Fuselighter’ debuff stay away from barrels, this can be dispelled.

4. Overseer Korgus

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Players with a red circle spread out. Don’t stand in the black cone lines on ground. ‘Deadeye’ arrow targets a player & hits first player in the way, rotate who soaks the hit as debuff lasts 1.3 min.

Heroic Differences: Moving will fill your ‘Heartstopper Venom’ energy bar then stuns for 8 seconds. Try to only move for avoiding mechanics.